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London’s Singing Waiters

Posted by on October 27, 2015

It doesn’t matter whether you visit London in the UK in the summer time or in winter. If one thing is for sure it’s that there’s always something going on if you happen to visit the British capital.

singing-waiters-7On one hand, visiting London in the warmer season can be a fantastic experience with its many parks and festivals.

But make no mistake, even if the weather isn’t great you will have plenty of opportunities to visit any of London’s countless clubs, museums, cinemas or art exhibitions.

If you happen to have some friends in the UK it can also well happen that you might get invited to events like outdoor barbecues, birthday parties or wedding receptions. What’s more, a lot of folks these days might have a party going on without any particular reason. And it’s these occasions you might be fortunate enough to meet The Singing Waiters. You never heard about The Singing Waiters? Let me introduce you to them quick.

The Singing Waiters are the U.K.’s most popular surprise entertainers. They are called surprise entertainers because the might appear unannounced at parties or such type of events. Who knows, they could be dressed up as waiters and all of a sudden they start with the show, surprising all the attending guests.

But there is also a good chance to see one of the singing waiters in public places, in particular in the larger British cities. The singing waiters are also known for their flash mobs and those could happen any time at any random shopping centre or similar location.

I like The Singing Waiters because they can really make any type of event truly unforgettable. They are not likeĀ  some average wedding singers that you can book for a few bucks. The Singing Waiters are professionally trained which means that their performances are really outstanding.

So if you happen to be in London anytime soon you should look out for The Singing Waiters!