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A Tip If You’re in the Travel Industry

Posted by on August 23, 2017

If you happen to be in the travel industry, say you work as a tour guide or as a travel journalist, one thing is always making things unnecessarily complicated: the dreaded invoicing process

I say “dreaded” because doing invoices isn’t just tedious but also very time-consuming.

The biggest disadvantage of it however is that you cannot just do them whenever you want but need to be in an office setting to get them done.

Obviously, this is a big drawback for all those professionals who are often on the road which isn’t exactly a rare thing in the travel industry.

This was until my good friend Mike let me know about electronic invoicing. Let me just explain a little what electronic invoicing is. Electronic invoicing allows you to do all your invoices on the go. This means you won’t need an office any longer. The invoicing is entirely paperless and happens, as the name implies, electronically.

To understand the enormous advantage of it for freelancers and other professionals in travel, it means that you can do all your invoicing from your phone and this includes creating your invoices or receiving and processing them.

So basically, whenever you have time for it you can create your invoice and send it off to your recipient. The recipient of the invoice will receive your electronic invoice within minutes. Better even, the electronic invoice can be automatically processed and paid as well. So the entire process from creating an invoice until it is getting paid is now only taking minutes!

One other advantage of electronic invoicing is that records will be much easier to organize and manage since it does no longer involve any paperwork . The risk of making mistakes from transcribing an invoice is basically zero.

For me, electronic invoicing made it possible to have a lot more time now which I can now use for better things. If you want to know more about it, I recommend that you see to get the latest scoop on electronic invoicing for your travel business.